🏃‍♂️ Quick Start Guide

The following quick start guild will help get you up and running with Bootsketch in a matter of minutes!

🔭 File Overview

Symbols are organized alphabetically on the symbols page.
Each symbol is named according to the Bootstrap 4 documentation so you can quickly find what you’re looking for.

🎨 Updating Your Color Scheme Colors

Updating the colors in Bootsketch is extremely simple. All you need to do is change one of the main 8 colors that are linked to layer styles and then update that style to make cascading changes across all symbols.

✒️ Updating Typography

Typography elements are set up so that you can rapidly change the entire font-family across every element within the document. In this video we'll cover:
  • Updating typography across all typography elements
  • Updating the color across one category of fonts (dark, muted or light)
  • Updating the font-size across one heading type
  • Updating the font-family across all symbol elements

⛩ Using the Grid System Layout

The grid layouts within bootsketch give you a 1-for-1 example of every responsive breakpoint within Bootstrap. Watch the video blow for how to use them in your designs

🔄 Symbol Organization

⏹ The Border Radius Symbol

The border radius symbol is an overarching

🏃‍♂️Using Sketch Runner

I highly recommend using the Sketch Runner plugin to help speed up your workflow.
It’s like spotlight search, but for sketch.
Instead of searching through the symbol menu dropdown, use Sketch Runner to search your symbol library without leaving the keyboard.
👇 Here is a quick video on getting started with Sketch Runner
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